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Classical Ballet is one of the most popular dance styles among young children and is the foundation of all dance styles. At Tempos Performing Arts, we ensure our students learn in a calm and friendly environment with non-examination-based classes. 


We start our ballet training with a parent and child ballet class (Tiny Tutus) suitable for children who are walking up to the age of three. This class is a great way to introduce the young dancer to ballet and will help to develop their musicality, sense of rhythm, spacial awareness, coordination and also their social skills.


From 3 years old, children move on to attend our Junior ballet class where they learn the basics by incorporating fun imagery along with the help of props. Children learning this dance style then progress into our intermediate and senior ballet classes where they learn more advanced technique and choreography. 



Acro Dance is a unique dance style which develops great flexibility and strength to achieve balances, lifts, bends and splits.  It also incorporates elements of jazz, ballet and gymnastics. Acrobatics is an energetic and fun form of exercise for boys and girls of all ages. The tricks become progressively more difficult and complex as the dancers develop their flexibility, strength and bravery!  The dance movements in Acro include ballet, jazz and modern dance styles, making it a useful addition to a young dancers training. Students in this class will have the added advantage of using mats during classes to ensure safety. 


At TPA, we ask that all Acro students also take an additional ballet, street or lyrical class to ensure continuity of training. 

 Tempos Performing Arts is the only certified studio in the area offering the internationally recognised Acrobatic Arts syllabus. 



Our street dance classes are designed to give fun-filled, high energy sessions where students will learn to let go and express themselves to their favourite music. Our street dance teachers will help pupils understand rhythm, coordination and will teach the basics as well as more challenging moves. 


Our students love working on choreography in our street dance classes that will be showcased in our various performance opportunities throughout the year.


Street is a great class to gain confidence and make new friends! 

Senior Lyrical.jpg


Our lyrical classes is a dynamic, creative and expressive style of dance incorporating several dance genres.


Our classes explore a range of technical principles such as connectivity from one movement to the next, how to challenge gravity and work towards connecting the mind and body through fluid movements.

Tap Button.jpg


Tap dance is a very popular dance style with all age groups. We offer classes for children from 3 years old upwards that emphasise the development and strengthening of basic tap technique highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound. 


Students’ progress through our junior, intermediate and senior classes and work on technique, choreography and performance too! 

Musical Theatre


Our Musical theatre classes combine singing, acting and dance gaining inspiration from well know musicals and films.


This class is made for anyone who loves to sing and dance and is great for building confidence and making new friends!

Show Choir.jpg


A fun and exciting group singing class teaching correct vocal technique while learning songs from stage and screen. Think Glee club! 

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